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For applications such a 3D sensing, Biometric Identification, Automotive Sensing or also LiDAR one commonly uses LEDs, edge emitting lasers or VCSELs in the near infrared spectrum (NIR). In this webinar we want to show the pros and cons of these different light sources and touch upon their use in the mentioned applications.

Why to attend the webinar:

  • To learn more about the technical differences between LEDs, edge emitting lasers and VCSEL
  • To get an overview of applications fields like Biometric Identification, 3D Sensing, Automotive Sensing, Industry and Automotive LiDAR
  • To be updated on the available NIR light sources and their roadmaps


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Clemens Hofmann
Application Engineer, Senior Key Expert LiDAR
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Matthias Hönig
Marketing Manager, LiDAR global
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Dominic Bergmann
Marketing Manager, Sensing Europe

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