A New Generation of High Power LEDs for Digital Projection Systems

- Webinar on demand -

LEDs have become very popular in small size pico projectors over the last decade while their maximum achievable brightness has been constantly advancing. The most recent developments pave the way for a new generation of high-power LEDs to enter projection markets that require projector brightness levels of 3000 ANSI lm and more. In this webinar session we will briefly present the technological basis of LED-based DLP projectors, elaborate the challenges of these systems, and introduce the brightest and most advanced LEDs for projection applications that ever hit the market.

Why to attend the webinar:
  • To learn more about the working principle of LED projectors and the challenges, that LEDs face in such systems
  • To get introduced to the new generation of high-power LEDs: the brightest and most advanced LEDs for projection applications


Video alt text

Dr. Benjamin Schulz
Application Engineer, Key Expert LED projection


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