OSRAM OSTAR® Stage Evaluation Kit

Explore how bright OSRAM OSTAR® Stage can make your next design!


OSRAM OSTAR® Stage Evaluation Kit

To help our customers speed time-to-market and get the most performance out of their next OSRAM OSTAR® Stage design, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers a family of evaluation kits with integrated optic, heat sink and thermally improved PCB technology, to get the most out of these ultra-high power LEDs. Whether working in stage, architectural lighting, emergency vehicle / transportation or other application, the OSRAM OSTAR® Stage allows efficient coupling of light into available optics, for more compact designs. There are four different evaluation kits to choose from:

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  • Small package size with high power RGBW chips inside allows for compact chip arrangement to achieve perfect color mixing performance.
  • High driving current chip technology provides high lumen output.
  • New chip and package technology provides high reliability at high driving current.
  • Flat profile offers many benefits for secondary optics design especially for those applications that have high requirement for optics, e.g. extremely narrow beam, high luminance, etc.
  • Off-the-shelf optics available for easy implementation
  • RGBCY variant enables excellent color mixing for high quality white light tuning and still achieve saturated mono-chromatic colors (RGB).
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